How To Make Money With Your Computer – What Is The Ideal Multilevel Marketing Internet Business?

How to change the WWW into the $$$

Essential features of the ideal internet business are:

* A business that is free to join.

* A legitimate and established business which could be promoted easily and with no ongoing costs.

* A business which is based on an essential activity that people do every day.

* A business which does not require people to buy products they have never bought before.

* A business which gives something of value to others because it holds the seeds of an amazing future for its members.

* A business where people can become involved as little or as much as they can to suit their own lifestyles, and still reap some financial rewards.

After thirty years of working as a science teacher I needed a complete career change. So I retired early and made the decision to become an internet marketer and master the art of making money online.

Ever since I heard of the world wide web in the 1990s, my imagination was fired by the possibilities for reaching billions of people on Earth. My single-minded idealism could not be thwarted. This was indeed the future of the free world, for learning, trading and sharing experiences.

Over the years I also examined several marketing groups; many different types of health programs and products, skin care ranges, weight loss, cleaning products, clothes and the list goes on. I have imported large quantities of goods from China; silk wedding dresses, underwear, baby clothes and even 10,000 blue essential oil bottles!

Many companies promise amazingly lucrative rewards for joining their multilevel marketing systems. One can invest a lot of time and money to set up businesses which require a lot of time and energy to maintain. I find that there is no genuine satisfaction in selling overpriced products that people would not normally think of buying. The time and money invested is never worth the returns.

Now it is 2014. A shift in consciousness has occurred. Computers are part of our psyche.

Every one in my household has access to the internet. Each of my five grandchildren, has a tablet, computer or both, that will provide information on any topic and show how to obtain any imaginable product or service.

With the emergence of the internet, companies can offer a digitized version of their businesses.

Yes, there are many ways to run a legitimate business from home using the internet.

Yes, I know my computer can become my money tree, a wishing well, an infinite pool of money which could enable me to follow my dreams. The Holy Grail of modern living is now within reach because of this universal system of binary digits called the internet.

The Excalibur of the digital realm is what is needed to create a world where people can live the life that they love, while helping others to fulfill their dreams.

The quest was to have the ultimate enterprise where EVERYONE could profit.
A tall order, but I know it is possible.
I examined many online businesses and I would like to share with you what I have discovered.
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Top 10 Ways to Make Money From Your Phone

One best thing about using your phone to earn money is there’re many genuine customer reviews for every app, so you will get a better idea about which is worth your time and legit. Here’re some top 10 ways to make money with your phone:

App Bounty – Get Your Rewards

App Bounty awards you for trying out and downloading new applications. You also can make points for spreading out the word and liking them via Facebook and Twitter. Points are redeemed for Amazon gift cards and iTunes, and PS Network Points, Xbox Live, and paid apps free.

Swagbucks – Chance to Make More Points

In Swagbucks, you will earn points like SB that is redeemed for the gift cards, sweepstake entries and coupons. This platform is accessed through a laptop or via smartphone app for Android and iPhone!

CheckPoints – Watch Videos

They allow you to earn money just by scanning the barcodes, watching videos, taking quizzes, searching on the internet, and completing different offers. CheckPoints is featured on the Mashable and is iPhone and Android compatible.

Drop – Point Shopping System

In Drop, you will make points by shopping at an individual store. You just have to connect to your credit card on their safe smartphone app, and whenever you buy in a participating retailer, you will make points.

Field Agent – Complete Your Task

Field Agent enables you to earn money by completing different micro tasks, right from checking the shelf availability to display compliance and checking the demo. Field Agent generally works with the brands like Target, Tyson, Hershey’s and is featured on Forbes, CNET, and New York Times.

Easy Shift – Time To Make Your Shits

Easy Shift is the micro-task app where you will make money just by completing some shifts. Shifts generally entail checking out prices, seeing if the product is there in stock or clicking photos of the store display. When you’ve successfully done the shift, payment is made by PayPal within 48hours of your submission.

Foap – Sell Photos and Earn

Foap helps you earn money just by selling the photos that you take on iPhone. Download the Foap app on your phone and start uploading your picture. When your image gets 5 positive ratings from Foap users – then your photo is published for sale.

Embee Mobile – Earn Gift Card

Users can install this app and earn the gift cards from the places like Domino’s Pizza, Amazon, and Dell. Outside the United States, points are traded for the mobile airtime. It is not accessible in all the cities, so you need to install and see if it works in your location.

Getaround – Rent Out Your Car

Getaround is the smartphone app that helps you rent your car for short time. Just list your car in their market and download this app. When you are not using the car, people can rent out and unlock the car by using an app.

You Can Start A Home Business Today

A successful home business takes careful planning. The information here will give you basic ideas that will help you get your home business off to a good start.

You need to be able to listen to your internal time clock if you work at home or own your own business. It’s true that there is very little that you can do about when your employer wants you to get up, but when you are in charge, try listening to your own body to determine when you should start your day.

Keep home and work communication separate. Don’t send work e-mails from your personal account. Consider getting a separate work phone line. If that is not an option, get caller ID. Don’t take personal calls while at work. Don’t take business calls after work hours. Politely ask friends and neighbors to call before coming to your door.

Before you venture into a home-based business, ask yourself why you want to start a business. Your reasons might include: you want to be your own boss; you want to express your own creativity; you want to supplement your income; or, it might be others. Your reasons for wanting to start a business will influence your decision on what type of business you start.

If you want to run a home business, you need the space to do it in. Make sure you have a quiet office, away from the noises of the rest of the house and family. Make sure your space includes a comfortable desk and chair, as well as adequate storage for your needs. Setting your office up right will make you a more effective worker.

Don’t walk into a home business blind! There are many online discussion forums designed for small business owners to discuss the unique obstacles in this field. Look locally for other small business and home business organizations that meet in person. Either way you go, networking with other business owners gives you an excellent support system.

If you want make some of the products you sell in your home business, take careful account of how much it costs to product it. Two times the cost of the raw material is typically the wholesale price of a product. Two times the cost of wholesale pricing is the cost of retail in many cases. If the final retail price is prohibitive you will struggle to shift the product.

While conducting business in your sleepwear can seem enjoyable at first, you may begin to miss the interaction that you had with coworkers and clients everyday at your previous job. Make plans to meet people at other places besides your home during the week to stay in touch, reinforce your personal connections and meet the need for interaction with others.

Learning from the valuable information above, you will increase your chances of achieving success in whatever home business you choose. Nowhere is it written that this will be easy, especially in the beginning, but hopefully, this article has given you a good jump-start toward success!