Making Money – Cart Before the Horse?

Think money, think freedom! Think money, think peace of mind. Think money, think pleasure. All very reasonable comparisons when we start to dream about having the kind of income to achieve this. Is this the problem we have when we start, or try to build an online business?. We become mesmerized by the promises of luxury cars, houses, clothes, lifestyles fed to us from sales copy more suited to science fiction than basic reality. Of course there is an abundance of all these things, but in the right order.

Being too focused on the cash end of the business can lead us to be careless in our construction of a solid, viable, growing concern. Aren’t you turned off when a page wreaks of hype, gaudy, comic book style content? A great deal, a solid product or service at a competitive price will outlast any or all of the questionable “Give me the the money now” sites. The way to build a sound online business is to put service first, create the buzz that will surround your site when you have, researched the market. Put as much passion into the undertaking as you can muster,give value for money, give, give, give.

What if you’ve done all that and still not got results? I have had people say to me, “We have tried everything we can to make money from our business, but nothing worked. Tried Everything? Nothing worked? Belief is a strong influence in deciding the outcome of any undertaking. Relax, believe that you can, let it happen rather than trying to force things. How many businesses do you imagine are working for their owners at the present time? It’s millions, that’s a lot of people to give you the reason to persevere.